1. Most Eligible Singles: Connect with other singles in your network or around the world.

2. Pillow Fight: Hit your friends with pillows and the winner is declared if the opponent fails to hit back in 2 days! This game has over 1 million fans on facebook.

3. Funniest People: Connect and share jokes with other funny people on Facebook.

4. Phunwa: All India Telephone directory.

5. India Rental Agreement: Get a ready-to-sign rental/lease agreement from the convenience of your computer.

6. FunReact: Make your Facebook experience more fun with reactions like Superlike, Dislike, Win, LOL, and more.

7. Desi Slang: User created dictionary of Indian slang words.

8. Biomedical Projects: An online community of biomedical engineering students and professional engineers to share projects, collaborate and help each other.